2024 Southern California Championships Pro Wellness Show – Olympia Qualifying Event

The 2024 Southern California Championships Pro Wellness Show

The 2024 Southern California Championships Pro Wellness show is set to take place on Saturday, June 15, 2024, in San Diego, CA. Nine competitors will take the stage, hoping to earn their spot at the 2024 Wellness Olympia, which will be part of the 60th Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas, NV, on October 10-13, 2024.

None of the athletes competing in this event have qualified for the 2024 Olympia yet. The full roster, in alphabetical order, includes:

  • Esmeralda Diaz (Mexico)
  • Alexa Dietz (United States)
  • Crystal Hayes (United States)
  • April Johnson (United States)
  • Julia Mello (Brazil)
  • Cassandra Pennington (United States)
  • Inez Sobczak (United States)
  • Kelly Spaghetti (United States)
  • Natalia Vasco (United States)

Esmeralda Diaz’s 2024 Season

Esmeralda Diaz made her 2024 season debut at the 2024 Toronto Pro Supershow in Toronto, ON, Canada, on June 8, 2024, where she placed fifth behind winner Alexis Nicole. Diaz turned pro in 2022 at the NPC Worldwide Mexico Supershow and competed at the 2022 Mexico Grand Battle Pro three months later, finishing in fifth place. She did not compete in the 2023 season.

Alexa Dietz’s IFBB Pro League Debut

This event will mark Alexa Dietz’s IFBB Pro League debut, as she earned her pro card 11 months after her final amateur show, the 2023 NPC USA Championships, where she won the Class D category.

Cassandra Pennington’s Pro Career

Cassandra Pennington will be competing for the fourth time in 2024. The third-year pro has placed as high as second at the 2024 Sampson Showdown Pro in Las Vegas, NV, behind Bruna Seredich. Her most recent pro show was the 2024 Miami Muscle Beach Pro, where she ranked sixth. Pennington is seeking her first pro title and Olympia qualification.

This is one of two pro Wellness shows scheduled for this weekend, with the other being part of the 2024 Empro Pro on Saturday, June 15, in Alicante, Spain. The winner of the Southern California Championships Pro Wellness show will qualify for the Olympia if not already qualified.

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