Kevin Hazeleger Wins Dutch Strongman Competition 2024

Strongman Supremacy: Kevin Hazeleger Dominates 2024 Netherlands Competition

Deventer, Netherlands, July 7, 2024 – In a display of sheer strength and determination, the 2024 Strongest Man in the Netherlands contest concluded with Kevin Hazeleger emerging victorious. The single-day event, held in Deventer, Netherlands, featured twelve of the country’s top strongmen competing across six grueling challenges.

Hazeleger’s impressive performance earned him a total of 69.5 out of a possible 72 points, securing a commanding five-point lead over runner-up Kelvin de Ruiter. The event showcased the athletes’ prowess in disciplines such as:

  • Truck Pull
  • Max Log Lift
  • Carry & Drag
  • Holland Stone Carry
  • Car Deadlift
  • Atlas Stones

The Final Standings

The final standings saw Kelvin de Ruiter claim second place with 64.5 points, while Max Gelder rounded out the podium in third with 50 points. Quincy Abbink (46.5 points), Sander van Zutphen (43 points), and Angelo van der Pas (39 points) also delivered strong showings, demonstrating the depth of talent in the Netherlands’ strongman scene.

Throughout the competition, the athletes pushed the boundaries of their strength, with highlights including:

“Kelvin de Ruiter’s 23.98-second Truck Pull, Angelo van der Pas’ 175-kilogram Max Log Lift, and Kevin Hazeleger’s dominant performance in the Atlas Stones event, completing four stones in just 25.65 seconds.”

The 2024 Strongest Man in the Netherlands contest underscored the nation’s strongman tradition and the rise of a new generation of powerhouses such as Kevin Hazeleger, who continues to cement his place as one of the top strongmen in the world. With the World’s Strongest Man competition looming on the horizon, this Dutch triumph is sure to inspire and galvanize strongman enthusiasts and athletes alike.

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