Martins Licis ‘Strength Unknown’ Global Travel Series and Training Adventures

Strongman Star Martins Licis Embarks on Global Travels During Competition Break

Martins Licis, the 2019 World’s Strongest Man and 2022 Arnold Strongman Classic champion, is taking an eight-month break from competition due to sciatica, a condition causing leg pain, weakness, numbness, or tingling. Licis has decided to make the most of this hiatus by traveling the world through his “Strength Unknown” series, exploring strength cultures across the globe.

During his global travels, Licis has ventured into the world of Mongolian and Sumo wrestling in Asia, as well as traditional wrestling in the muds of Pakistan. In a video published on June 23, 2024, Licis traveled to Greece to train with fellow strongman and island native Kyriakos “Grizzly” Kapakoulak.

“The mechanics express themselves quite differently. It got so heavy that to keep up, I needed every ounce of my weight behind each push.”

Prior to his training session with Kapakoulak, Licis sampled the renowned Greek cuisine, indulging in a breakfast of Bougatsa (minced meat asparagus cheese and cream).

The training session began with a grueling sled push, where the strongmen channeled their entire body weight to propel the heavy sled forward. Licis likened the experience to pushing a rhinoceros.

Next, Licis and Kapakoulak turned their attention to the sled pull, utilizing wrist straps to draw the sled closer with multiple repetitions. Licis reminisced about a similar event during the 2017 World’s Strongest Man, where he competed against Hafthor Björnsson.

To conclude their training, the strongmen performed the Zercher shrug, a movement that helped catapult Kapakoulak to internet fame. Licis carefully executed the exercise, gradually adding weight plates while perfecting his form.

Despite the simplicity of the workout on paper, Licis admitted it was a draining experience, showcasing the immense physical demands of strongman training.

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