2024 Britain’s Strongest Woman: Lucy Underdown Dominates Competition

The 2024 Britain’s Strongest Woman Competition: Lucy Underdown Secures Dominant Victory

June 23rd, 2024 – York, England

The 2024 Britain’s Strongest Woman competition, held on June 22nd in York, England, gathered 12 of the nation’s top female athletes and pushed them to their limits across five grueling events. In the end, it was Lucy Underdown who emerged victorious, solidifying her status as one of the greatest strongwomen in the country.

Throughout the competition, Underdown was a dominant force, winning three out of the five events and securing a second-place finish and a third-place finish in the remaining two. Her exceptional performance earned her a total of 56.5 points, cementing her position as the 2024 Britain’s Strongest Woman.

The final standings saw Rebecca Roberts finish in second place with 50 points, while Donna Moore rounded out the podium in third with 48 points. The top five was completed by Laura Baxter (39.5 points) and Naomi Hadley (34.5 points).

The day was filled with exciting and tense moments, as the athletes pushed their physical and mental limits. The Loading Race saw Laura Baxter clock the fastest time of 37.76 seconds, while the Dumbbell Press event was dominated by Donna Moore, who effortlessly locked out 6 repetitions.

“The Deadlift for reps proved to be a true test of strength, with Lucy Underdown emerging as the queen of the platform, completing an impressive 13 reps.”

The Wrecking Ball Hold challenged the athletes’ grip strength, with Underdown once again taking the top spot with a time of 93.22 seconds.

The final event, the Castle Stones, saw Underdown cement her victory, finishing all four stones in an astounding time of 23.50 seconds.

Lucy Underdown’s performance throughout the competition was nothing short of exceptional, showcasing her well-rounded abilities and cementing her status as one of the top strongwomen in the country. With this victory, Underdown has now claimed 11 international and national titles, and has won two of her most recent competitions, potentially signaling the start of a dominant run.

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