2024 U105 Strongman World Championships in Kalajoki, Finland

The 2024 U105 (under 105 kilograms) Strongman World Championships Concluded in Kalajoki, Finland

Kalajoki, Finland, June 10, 2024 – The 2024 U105 (under 105 kilograms) Strongman World Championships took place on June 8-9 in Kalajoki, Finland. Eleven of the world’s best strongmen weighing 105 kilograms or less converged for a grueling battle across eight events: Deadlift, Viking Press, Sandbag Toss, Frame Carry, Truck Pull, Overhead Medley, Sack Carry, and the Loading Race.

Jiří Tkadlčík from the Czech Republic emerged victorious with 65 points, followed closely by Ulvar Vahter from Estonia with 63 points and Robert Pirkkiö of Finland in third place with 59 points. The top four were rounded out by Jack Turner of the USA (58 points).

In the Deadlift event, Tkadlčík led the way with eight reps of the 300-kilogram bar, while Turner and Vahter managed seven and five reps respectively. The Viking Press saw Tkadlčík press 140 kilograms 10 times, the most in the field.

Other highlights included Raivis Gintauts of Latvia tossing the Sandbag the fastest at 14.90 seconds, and Vojtěch Kučera of the Czech Republic completing the 280-kilogram Frame Carry in an impressive 19.19 seconds. The Truck Pull was won by Gintauts in 19.69 seconds, while the Overhead Medley saw Tkadlčík lift three implements in just 21.12 seconds.

In the grueling Sack Carry and Loading Race events, Jeffrey Laterveer of the Netherlands and Arvydas Mišeikis of Lithuania delivered standout performances.

“The level of competition at this year’s U105 Strongman World Championships was truly exceptional,” said the event organizer. “These athletes have demonstrated incredible strength, skill, and determination, and we are honored to have witnessed their remarkable feats of power.”

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