Paul Smith Victorious at 2024 UK’s Strongest Man Contest

The 2024 UK’s Strongest Man Contest Crowns Paul Smith as the Three-Time Champion

Cardiff, Wales – The 2024 UK’s Strongest Man competition took place from June 7-9, with eight of the nation’s top strongmen battling it out in a single-day event featuring five grueling challenges. Defending champion Paul Smith of England emerged victorious, securing his third UK’s Strongest Man title.

The contest showcased the impressive strength and determination of the participating athletes as they competed in the Truck Pull, Tire Flip, Dumbbell Press, Deadlift Hold, and Stones of Strength events. Smith, who had previously won the 2022 edition, dominated the competition, earning 38 out of a possible 40 points to claim the top spot on the podium.

The final standings were as follows:

  1. Paul Smith (England) – 38 points
  2. Louis Jack (Scotland) – 34 points
  3. Andrew Flynn (England) – 28 points
  4. Shaun Diver (Ireland) – 24 points
  5. Matt Dimond (Wales) – 17 points
  6. Chris Beetham (Scotland) – 15 points
  7. Cilléin Groom (Ireland) – 9 points
  8. Stephen Jackson (Scotland) – 5 points

“The event showcased the tremendous strength and skill of the UK’s top strongmen, with each athlete pushing their limits in the grueling challenges. Fans of the sport were treated to a display of raw power and determination as the competitors battled for the coveted title of UK’s Strongest Man.”

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