British Powerlifter Breaks World Record at IPF Classic World Championships

British Powerlifter Stuns with World Record Performance at IPF Classic World Championships

Druskininkai, Lithuania – In a shocking turn of events at the 2024 International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) Classic World Championships, British powerlifter Jurins Kengamu pulled off a stunning upset in the 83KG class. Kengamu, who competed against the much-anticipated return of two-time world champion Russel Orhii, delivered a record-breaking performance that left the crowd in awe.

Orhii, widely expected to dominate the 83KG category, faced an unexpected challenge from Kengamu, who appeared confident and in control throughout the competition. Despite Orhii’s initial strength, breaking his own squat world record with 321 kilograms, a lack of depth in his final attempt resulted in the lift being overturned by the judges.

Kengamu, on the other hand, hit all three of his squat attempts, matching his personal best of 310 kilograms. Though Orhii managed to outperform Kengamu in the bench press, the gap began to close as Kengamu opened his deadlift 7.5 kilograms heavier than Orhii’s starting weight.

“The decisive moment came on the final deadlift attempts. Both athletes jumped 15 kilograms on their second attempts, pushing the limits.”

Orhii selected a weight of 335 kilograms for his final pull, which proved to be the correct choice as it seemed to be his maximum. However, Kengamu had other plans.

Emerging from the wings, Kengamu stepped up to attempt a staggering 350 kilograms – 15 kilograms more than he had ever lifted in competition. The crowd fell silent as Kengamu set his sumo stance and began to pull. To the audience’s roar, Kengamu effortlessly locked out the weight, suggesting he had even more in the tank.

Kengamu’s record-breaking performance of 845 kilograms in the IPF raw total not only crowned him the new 83KG world champion but also secured his spot at the prestigious 2025 World Games in Chengdu, China, and the 2025 Sheffield Powerlifting Championships.

Fans can relive the thrilling action by tuning in to the event’s live coverage on The Olympic Channel and the IPF YouTube channel. Select sessions will also be broadcast live on Eurosport, with highlights airing on Eurosport, Eurosport World, and CBS Sports.

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