Nadia Stowers: Aiming for Historic Three-Peat at World’s Strongest Woman 2023

Strongwoman Nadia Stowers Aims for Historic Three-Peat at World’s Strongest Woman 2023

Fontana, CA, [Current Date] – Two-time reigning U82KG World’s Strongest Woman Nadia Stowers has set her sights on making history in 2023. The 27-year-old powerhouse from California is not only seeking to capture her third consecutive world title, but also plans to break every existing strongwoman record along the way.

In a recent interview with BarBend, Stowers and her record-holding coach, renowned strongman Jacob Finerty, provided a glimpse into her intensive training regimen and shared insights into the future of the sport.

Training and Nutrition

Stowers, who trains at her home gym, B.I.G. Speed and Strength, revealed that her training is tailored to the specific demands of each competition, with a focus on improving her weaknesses rather than overworking her strengths. “Coach Finerty runs training. Each session is based on the competition’s events and how my body feels that day,” she explained. “I prioritize events that are either new to me or that I need to work on. No real need to overwork events that I’m already good at.”

When it comes to her nutrition, Stowers admitted that maintaining a consistent appetite can be a challenge, but she makes sure to fuel her body appropriately, especially on heavy training days. “If I know it’s a heavy day, I’ll get something high carb, fat, and sugars, like a spaghetti dinner with a dessert, and force down as much as I can to use the next day,” she shared.

The Future of Women’s Strongman

As the women’s strongman divisions continue to evolve, Stowers expressed both excitement and concern. While major events like the Official Strongman Games, Giants Live, and the 2024 Rogue Invitational are opening doors for female competitors, the two-time champion worries about the lack of new talent coming up through the ranks. “We can’t do this forever, and I’m hoping that successors start showing soon, or the women’s side of the sport will die out,” Stowers said.

To remedy the issue, Stowers believes the key lies in encouraging more women to overcome their fears and embrace the grit and challenge of strongman competition. “Most women I’ve spoken to are afraid. They fear the weights and the effort it takes, and they care far too much about what they look like while competing instead of just giving it their all,” she explained. “I hope to be the example that none of that matters because your inner satisfaction and confidence mean so much more than the superficial things in life.”

As Nadia Stowers prepares to make her mark on the 2023 strongwoman season, her determination to rewrite the record books and inspire the next generation of female competitors is palpable. With the support of her coach, Jacob Finerty, and her unwavering drive, the world’s strongest woman is poised to cement her legacy as a true trailblazer in the sport.

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