2024 Arnold Strongman Classic: Recap of Intense Competition in Columbus, Ohio

The 2024 Arnold Strongman Classic (ASC) Captivates Fans in Columbus, Ohio

Columbus, Ohio, March 1-2, 2024 – The 2024 Arnold Strongman Classic (ASC) took place over two thrilling days, captivating a packed crowd in Columbus, Ohio. The event witnessed one of the greatest Strongman competitions in history, with reigning champion Mitchell Hooper defending his title in impressive fashion.

Despite facing numerous past WSM and ASC champions, the Canadian powerhouse Hooper emerged victorious, cementing his status as one of the premier Strongmen in the world. The competition was filled with record-breaking performances and intense rivalries, providing strongman enthusiasts with a truly unforgettable display of strength and determination.

Opening Day Highlights

On the opening day, Hafthor Bjornsson showcased his prowess by winning the Max Elephant Bar Deadlift event. However, his second-place finish in the Timber Carry event was equally remarkable, as it had not been his strongest suit in the past.

Hooper concluded the first day with an event victory, and then opened the second day by winning the iconic Dinnie Stone Carry. He followed this up with a dominant performance in the Apollon Wheels event, where he outclassed even Bjornsson to secure a crucial lead heading into the final challenge.

Dramatic Conclusion

The tension built as the athletes faced the grueling Stone Medley in the concluding event. While Bjornsson’s no-lift on this event cost him a podium finish, Hooper maintained his composure to defend his title and cement his status as the world’s top Strongman.

Mateusz Kieliszkowski and Tom Stoltman rounded out the podium, with Kieliszkowski clinching the event win in the Stone Medley to solidify his third-place overall finish.

“The 2024 Arnold Strongman Classic once again demonstrated the incredible strength, skill, and determination of the world’s elite Strongmen. Mitchell Hooper’s triumph has set the stage for a thrilling showdown at the upcoming 2024 World’s Strongest Man competition, as he aims to further cement his legacy as one of the all-time greats in the sport.”

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