2024 World’s Strongest Man Deadlift Ladder Results and Highlights

The 2024 World’s Strongest Man Competition Kicks Off with Deadlift Ladder

The 2024 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) competition kicked off with the Deadlift Ladder, a grueling event that tested the athletes’ sheer power and speed. The contest platform was lined with five barbells loaded with weights ranging from 661 to 841 pounds, and the competitors raced against the clock to complete all five reps in the fastest time possible.

Standout Performances in the Deadlift Ladder

In the opening heat, Canadian powerhouse Mitchell Hooper blazed through the course, clocking in at an impressive 36.54 seconds to take the top spot. Mexico’s Austin Andrade and the Czech Republic’s Ondrej Fojtu also impressed, completing four lifts in under 53 seconds.

The action continued to unfold, with standout performances from the likes of the UK’s Adam Bishop, who set the winning time of 27.17 seconds for Group Three, and Estonia’s Rauno Heinla, who topped Group Four with a time of 40.27 seconds.

Withdrawal and Continued Intensity

As the day progressed, the competition only intensified. In a dramatic turn of events, the USA’s Bobby Thompson was forced to withdraw due to a lower-body injury sustained during the earlier events. Nonetheless, the remaining athletes in Group Five pushed on, with Canada’s Wesley Derwinsky emerging victorious with a time of 45.9 seconds.

“The Deadlift Ladder is a true test of strength and endurance,” said one of the event organizers. “The athletes have shown incredible determination and skill in their performances today.”

With the Deadlift Ladder complete, the spotlight now turns to the Sandbag Steeplechase, the final event of the first day of the 2024 World’s Strongest Man competition. Fans are eagerly anticipating the next installment of this thrilling showcase of strength and determination.

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