2024 World’s Strongest Man Globe Viking Press Event Highlights

World’s Strongest Man 2024: Globe Viking Press Recap

After an intense opening day at the 2024 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) competition, the athletes and fans were eager for more action on the second day of the Qualifying Stage. The highly anticipated Globe Viking Press event made a return to the contest for the first time since Eddie Hall’s WSM victory in 2017.

In this grueling test of overhead strength, each strongman pressed a globe-shaped weight overhead, with the handles required to pass below the ears before the next rep. The athlete who completed the most valid reps within 60 seconds would emerge victorious in their respective heat.

Trey Mitchell of the USA set the pace early, powering through 16 reps to win his heat. Canada’s Tristain Hoath finished just one rep behind, while American Kevin Faires and Britain’s Luke Stoltman tied for third with 11 reps each. In a testament to his comeback after a recent Achilles injury, Mitchell’s impressive performance thrilled the crowd.

The action continued with Group 2, where Czech Republic’s Ondrej Fojtu edged out Canada’s Mitchell Hooper by a single rep, scoring 15 reps to Hooper’s 14. In Group 3, Thomas Evans of the USA delivered a world-class display, locking out 17 reps – just one shy of the world record.

Evan Singleton of the USA maintained his dominance in Group 4, securing 16 reps to qualify for the 2024 WSM Final, becoming the first athlete to do so. The day concluded with Group 5, where Britain’s Tom Stoltman and Poland’s Adam Roszkowski tied for first with 14 reps each.

Throughout the day, the Globe Viking Press event provided a captivating display of the strongmen’s raw power and technique, setting the stage for an exciting conclusion to the Qualifying Stage.

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