2024 Ireland’s Strongest Man and Woman Competition Results Revealed

2024 Ireland’s Strongest Man and Ireland’s Strongest Woman Contests in Belfast

The 2024 Ireland’s Strongest Man (ISM) and Ireland’s Strongest Woman (ISW) contests were held in Belfast, Ireland, on May 6, 2024. This single-day event featured a series of five challenging events for both the strongmen and strongwomen competitors.

In the strongman competition, Cillein Groom emerged victorious, scoring an impressive 55.5 out of 60 possible points. Gerard Buckley secured the silver medal with 45.5 points, while Jamie McNamara and Shaun Diver tied for bronze with 38 points each.

The strongwoman competition was equally intense, with Gemma Moore clinching the gold medal with 36.5 out of 40 possible points. Gail McComiskey claimed the silver medal with 35 points, and Nicole McMillan rounded out the podium in third place with 29 points.

The events tested the athletes’ strength, speed, and endurance across disciplines such as the Truck Pull, Dumbbell Press for Reps, Tire Flip, Stones of Strength, and Steps From Hell. The strongwomen also showcased their prowess in the Tire Flip, Sandbag-to-Shoulder, Car Deadlift Hold, Axle Clean & Press, and Steps From Hell events.

“This year’s competition in Belfast was a testament to the dedication and skill of Ireland’s top strongmen and strongwomen, providing a thrilling showcase of the sport’s best talent.”

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